The Company

JAK is the leading supplier of authentic Ayurvedic HERBAL AND AUTOMOBILE LUBRICANT products. The formulae are based on original recipes, which have proven themselves over a decade.

JAK is headquartered at Sakhritola, tah- Salekasa , Dist- Gondia (M.S). Here we maintain a large, well stocked warehouse allowing us to deliver a promt service to anywhere in India. We have major distribution facilities in Vidharbha and rest of Maharashtra state, as well as sales offices on all major districts.

We are well aware of the responsibility that the leading brand name, JAK, demands of us.We therefore always aim to provide you with competent advice and only the very best quality products. Your health is our priority.

Trust the market leader!!

We will be happy to support all aspects of your health and well-being.

Jamal Ahmad Khan, Director

The History

Ecological Understanding -

According to Vedic knowledge, man, nature and the cosmos are one. From this evolves a deep understanding of the fundamentals of life and a high level of responsibility for preservation of nature.

JAK Products faces this responsibility with a management culture that focuses consistently on standards for sustainable business practices. So we want to preserve the natural foundations of life for ourselves and our children.

• Wherever possible the ingredients for JAK products come from certified organic cultivation on our own agricultural land.

• We are continuously extending our product range of items based on organic guidelines.

• Generally we process the ingredients locally in order to minimise transport distances.

• We cultivate our own rare plant species to protect and preserve the wealth of Indian flora.

• Wherever possible we use environmentally friendly packaging material made from recycled paper and starch.

Seal of Quality

Place your trust in top-class quality, the natural purity of which is documented by strict controls and recognised quality seals.

All products used in JAK come from our principal Ayurvedic Products. This enables us to maintain the control needed to guarantee consistently high quality. The production facilities of JAK are equipped to highest standards, with the products being tested by independent laboratories in JAK.

Vision: To establish JAK as a research based company using core ethical values of Ayurveda, developing new Herbal products for the nutritional and therapeutic purposes for the effective treatment of human diseases which are creating havoc in the society.

To make entry of JAK into AYURVEDIC HERBAL AND AUTOMOBILE LUBRICANT business for making significant innovation in the near future to give new dimensions to human health and wealth.

Mission: To establish health care and automobile lubricant business into the area where it is untouched for the time being, to make strong, everlasting penetration in the INDIAN market.

To establish JAK as the competitive well recognized and respected company in the health care and automobile lubricant market.